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Greentown Service Group
Committed to growing into the most valuable happy life service provider in China
Company Profile
Established in 1998 and headquartered in Xihu District, Hangzhou, Greentown Service Group is a digital, platform-based and ecological modern service enterprise with property services as its foundation, life services and urban services as its two wings, and intelligent technology as its engine. For more than 20 years, Greentown Service has adhered to the core values of "Sincerity, Well-intentioned, Impeccability and Perfection" in providing humanistic services to property owners, and has been highly recognized by the industry. For many years, it has been awarded as one of the "China Top 100 Property Management Companies in Terms of Customer Satisfaction".
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    Property Services
    Build scale barrier with the increase of total factor productivity
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    Life Services
    The layout of the content ecosystem is based on the demands of life
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    Consulting Services
    Create real estate value chain with professional solutions
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    Technology Services
    Create new value growth point with the transformation of data wisdom
Vision and Mission
China's most valuable happy life service provider
To create a platform for staff, value for owners, beauty for the city and harmony for society
Greentown Service is a social enterprise
In terms of the company's behavior and value orientation, Greentown Service has become a social enterprise. The way to evaluate social enterprises is that their existence, content and main appeal are not to seek general commercial profits, but to seek greater interests of social development. Compared with many other enterprises, Greentown service plays a more direct role in the society. Because of the number of people covered by our service and the impact of our service content on the elderly and children, Greentown service has built an important part of urban civilization and social civilization. But for the company to grow better, it needs to explore a sense of integration and interaction with our team of employees, the diverse owners we serve, and all the social interfaces associated with it. Greentown Service has two basic expressions for the company: "social welfare undertakings operated by business model" and "the most valuable happy life service provider in China". The external function is to be a promoter of a better life. In the residential parks we serve, public buildings, office buildings and other places we enter, we promote the quality of urban life services; Within the company, it must be for the benefit of all employees. A company has to serve many customers, but the first object of service is its employees to seek their happiness.
Management Team
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    Zhangfa YANG
    Zhangfa YANG Chairman
    Zhangfa YANG joined the Group in February 2002. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Greentown Services Group, responsible for the group's development strategy and strategic planning, as well as major operational decisions. Mr. Yang is also Vice President of China Property Management Association, Vice President of Zhejiang Real Estate Association and President of Hangzhou Property Management Association.
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    Keli JIN
    Keli JIN CEO
    Keli Jin joined the Group in May 2006 and is currently the President of Greentown Service Group. She is responsible for the overall business operation and daily management of the Group, making decisions on major operational matters, participating in board decisions and implementing board resolutions. Ms. Jin is the first Deputy Director of the Community Life Committee of China Property Management Association, member of the Committee of Hangzhou Property Industry Association of the Communist Party of China and member of the Publicity Committee of Hangzhou Xihu District Property Management Association of the Communist Party of China.
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    Hao CHEN
    Executive Director
    Hao CHEN Executive Director
    Chen Hao joined the Group in May 2015. Currently, he is the executive director of Greentown Service Group and chairman of Greentown Life Group, responsible for managing the products and services of the group park.
Development Course
1998 Setting sail in 1998
Greentown Service was formally spun off from the divisions of the Greentown Real Estate Group, and began to operate and account for itself independently.
1999 Determined the direction in 1999
It established the ISO9000 quality management system, as well as the quality policy and core values of "Sincerity, Well-intentioned, Impeccability and Perfection".
2001 Making a step in 2001
It won its first market-based project, Water Mark, and began to output its high-quality services, allowing property management to be seen as a real industry in Hangzhou.
2002 Making determination in 2002
The Greentown Customer Service Center was set up. "Create value for customers" was considered an important mission of Greentown and was incorporated into the Group's philosophy.
2003 Making a breakthrough in 2003
It began to expand its business operations throughout China, particularly in the major first-tier cities in the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Economic Rim.
2004 Enhancing strength in 2004
It obtained the National First-Class Property Management Service Qualification.
2007 Making renovations in 2007
It pioneered the community living service system, transitioning from traditional property management to a comprehensive community service system.
2014 Intelligent innovation in 2014
It launched its third generation of service products, the smart community service system.
2016 Listing in 2016
It was officially listed and traded on the HKEX Main Board on July 12 as Greentown Service Group Co., Ltd. under the stock code of 2869.
2018 Benefited others in 2018
It actively participated in the cause of poverty alleviation and was elected the first vice-chairman unit of the China Accurate Poverty Alleviation Community Union.
2020 Fulfilling social responsibility in 2020
It strictly observed the "First Pass" of the pandemic prevention and control, and was awarded as one of the "China Top 10 Property Management Companies in Terms of Pandemic Prevention and Control".
2019 Moving forward in 2019
It set up the Happy Life Service School, which is positioned as "a school for all Greentown service personnel, and a school set up with millions of owners." It held the "Greentown Yunxiang Brand Launch Event and Awarding Ceremony for Greentown Service Group to join BOMA Platinum Membership", officially announcing the launch of its independent brand "Greentown Yunxiang" for commercial office space services.
2021 Setting strategic objectives in 2021
In the first year of the "Strategy 2025", it advanced the "Common Wealth" program for fundamental employees at the top design end while revitalizing the service capability lines and creating a space of value at the product end in four aspects: the aged (elderly care and association), the young (children services), health (integrated health care services) and reach (home-based services).
2022 Refreshing in 2022
It implemented the service prospect featuring "Four-Quality Assurance, Four-Joy, Four-New Track and Four-Strength". With the upgrading of the shared management model of Greentown Xingfuli, which operates with "one body, two wings, shared management by three parties and four-wheel drive", the Company transformed its business from one-way brand output to shared management and co-creation of brands.
China High-end Property Service Leading Company
China Top 10 Listed Property Management Companies
China Top 100 Property Management Companies in Terms of Customer Satisfaction
Outstanding Property Service Brand in Zhejiang During the "13th Five-Year Plan" Period

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